Visit the Amish and their shops in Lanesboro or Harmony, Minnesota
A respectful way to learn about our Amish neighbors and an enjoyable way to visit them and their shops.
“We loved it! We met so many beautiful people and saw gorgeous landscapes. We will return with friends.”
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WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID “What a lovely tour! We enjoyed the families we met and their shops!  We liked going at our own pace.” (J.G.) “Excellent tour... Each store we visited had excellent quality of merchandise... Our tour was perfect!” (J. and E.H.) “Very informative, casual, less expensive than the [other] tours.” (J.F.) “We loved it. We have small children in car seats. Wonderful way to tour as a family. Good value for a large family. Did not have to worry about children disturbing others...” (C. & J.S.) “We loved it! We met so many beautiful people and saw gorgeous landscapes. We will return with friends.” (D., M., & J.H.) “Excellent. Was a great family outing. My two 13-year-old boys even enjoyed it!” (K.J.) “Wonderful, peaceful. Very accurate directions. Delightful people!” (C.N.) “Directions were outstanding...we’d definitely do this again.” (L.P.)
10 REASONS TO TAKE THE AMISH BACKROADS TOUR 1. The Amish Backroads Tour is a fun, interesting adventure and the only tour of its kind in the area. 2. You drive in the comfort and convenience of your own car, guided by the pleasantly narrated CD in your car's CD player. 3. You set the schedule and pace, taking as much or as little time as you like at each stop. Driving time is approximately 1½ hours. 4. You can go places large tour groups go—and places they don’t go. 5. You will learn about the fascinating history and culture of the Amish people. 6. You can visit single-family and multi-family shops and other points of interest, approximately 10 stops in all. 7. You will meet friendly Amish shop owners and family members. 8. You can take your whole family or group for one low price of only $26. 9. You’ll have the opportunity to buy a variety of quality Amish made goods and foods. 10. You can rent the tour during regular business hours, keep it for up to five days and return it during regular business hours to the shop where you rented it. We try to keep plenty of CD's on hand so that no reservations are needed.
The Amish Backroads Tour is a pleasantly narrated audio CD that directs you to Amish shops and points of interest “off the beaten path.” We’ve been offering the tour for several years through local shops in Lanesboro and Harmony, Minnesota, and find that many people like going at their own pace in their own car. That’s the way my family and I like to go! I hope you, too, will take the tour and enjoy learning about the history and culture of these wonderful people, seeing the beauty of the backroads scenery, and perhaps finding some Amish treasures and treats along the way. —Your Tour Guide, Les Nelson
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