A respectful way to learn about our Amish neighbors and an enjoyable way to visit them and their shops.
The Amish Backroads Tour TM The Amish Backroads Tour is a pleasantly narrated audio recording that directs you to Amish shops and points of interest “off the beaten path.” I’ve been offering the tour on CD for several years through local shops in Lanesboro and Harmony, Minnesota, and find that many people like going at their own pace in their own car. That’s the way my family and I like to go! It is now also available as a download to your mobile devices. Driving time is about 1½ hours and you can take as much or as little time as you like at each stop. You can buy the download of the Amish Backroads Tour by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this website or rent the CD during regular business hours from the businesses listed on the “Where to Rent” page of this website. Keep the CD for up to 5 days and return it during regular business hours. No reservations are needed. I hope you will take the Amish Backroads Tour and enjoy learning about the history and culture of our wonderful Amish neighbors, seeing the beauty of the backroads scenery, and perhaps finding some Amish treasures and treats along the way. —Your Tour Guide, Les Nelson
“Worked very well. First time we ever did an audio driving tour. Great idea to go at your own pace. Very up to date. Enjoyed getting closer to Amish life and learning more about their lifestyle.” B. F. “Clear instructions, very informative,  easy to follow, just the right amount  of places to stop.” D.T. and S. J. “We enjoyed visiting with these  wonderful people and learning more  about their way of life.” T. A. Family “We had a wonderful time. People were nice and the shops were wonderful! Thanks.” J. T. The tour is very good! Your directions are clear, and your instructions about interacting with the Amish are helpful. We appreciated the great respect you show for the Amish.”              T and A. G “We enjoyed the tour. The families were welcoming and your directions were great.” J. W. and D. D. “Very enjoyable! Loved being able to go at our own pace.” C. M.
Before you buy: Please note that the Amish shops are generally open Monday through Saturday year round except for Christian holidays. We do not guarantee they will be open at any given time.
“We loved it! We met so many beautiful people and saw gorgeous landscapes.We will return with friends.”
Licensed for one device. Starts in Lanesboro, MN.
RENT the CD in Lanesboro or Harmony, Minnesota $26 or BUY the Download $19.95
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BUY the MP3 Download NOW for $19.95 iPhone Users: iPhones will NOT download the files directly to your phone. They can be downloaded to iTunes using your Mac. If you have any problems, please email us and we will respond promptly. Email: Les@MarketplaceMediaCompany.com