A respectful way to learn about our Amish neighbors and an enjoyable way to visit them and their shops.
“Great tour! We’ve done it two times now! Love it!”
More Testimonials We have received hundreds of reply cards from people who enjoyed the tour.  Here are a few of their comments: “What a lovely tour! We enjoyed the families we met and their shops!  We liked going at our own pace.” (J.G.) “Excellent tour... Each store we visited had excellent quality of merchandise... Our tour was perfect!” (J. and E.H.) “Very informative, casual, less expensive than the [other] tours.” (J.F.) “We loved it. We have small children in car seats. Wonderful way to tour as a family. Good value for a large family. Did not have to worry about children disturbing others...” (C. & J.S.) “We loved it! We met so many beautiful people and saw gorgeous landscapes. We will return with friends.” (D., M., & J.H.) “Excellent. Was a great family outing. My two 13-year-old boys even enjoyed it!” (K.J.) “Wonderful, peaceful. Very accurate directions. Delightful people!” (C.N.) “Directions were outstanding...we’d definitely do this again.” (L.P.)
Licensed for one device. Starts in Lanesboro, MN.
(Please note: Amish shops are not open on Sundays or Christian holidays.)
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